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Head: Professor Gero Friesecke

Technische Universität München
Center for Mathematics
Boltzmannstr. 3
85748 Garching bei München

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Frauke Bäcker
Room 03.08.052
Office hours: Mon - Thu, 7:30 - 15:00
Phone: +49-(0)89-289-17908
Fax: +49-(0)89-289-17932



A main interest in our group is the study of mathematical models of molecules and solids, based on a strong background in mathematics and a broad interdisciplinary perspective. We are interested in the full spectrum of scales, from electronic to atomistic to continuum.



  • Frank Hofmaier wins Teaching prize Frank was awarded a teaching prize by the student's union for his outstanding problem class on Operator theory. The handover of the prize certificate (on the occasion of our annual math department graduation ceremony, on 23 November 2012) will soon be visible here.
  • New postdocs Huajie Chen and Francesco Solombrino joined our group on 1 October, 2012. Huajie did his PhD at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Beijing, followed by a postdoc in Reinhold Schneider's group in Berlin, and develops efficient algorithms for electronic structure computation. Francesco did his PhD at SISSA (Trieste), followed by a postdoc at RICAM (Linz), and is interested in the analysis of variational models in continuum mechanics (especially cam-clay plasticity) and imaging.
  • New W2 professor: Marco Cicalese (formerly University of Naples) joined us on April 1, 2012. He holds the department's newly created professorship in Mathematical Continuum Mechanics, and is a leading mathematician in one of the most exciting areas of continuum mechanics today, understanding the connections between atomistic and continuum models.
  • Analysis Seminar now joint with Augsburg: Our first joint seminar on November 10, 2011 was a great success, and we will continue the seminar at alternating venues every second Thursday. Our co-organizers from Augsburg are Dirk Bloemker, Fritz Colonius, Malte Peter and Bernd Schmidt. Let's hope they will rise to the challenge to match our coffee break (with delicious cakes from a local bakery) and ''Nachsitzung''!
  • New seminar Mathematics & Chemistry (Winter semester 2010/11): To live up to the interdisciplinary title -- and create a discussion forum at the exciting interface between these two subjects -- we've decided to invite two speakers for each session, one from mathematics and one from chemistry. For the program click here. Organizers: Caroline Lasser and Gero Friesecke.
  • Gero Friesecke has been appointed Honorary Professor of the University of Warwick Pfeil, with effect of October 1, 2010. Undergraduates beware: Warwick is not just a great place for mathematical research (some of which is carried out in the legendary common room with huge blackboards and indoor balcony!), but as far as we know it also runs the most popular undergraduate maths programme in the UK (by popular we mean number of applicants per year). So if you're looking for a place to spend a year abroad, check out their website.
  • Forthcoming Minisymposia in Munich: Mathematical Methods in quantum chemistry and electronic structure theory (Organiser: Gero Friesecke), Tue 9 March and Wed 10 March Program Pfeil, Atomistic systems and elasticity theory (Organiser: Bernd Schmidt), Thu 11 March and Fri 12 March Program Pfeil. Venue: LMU-Hauptgebaeude, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 3. These are part of the DMV Annual Meeting 2010.
  • Simone Warzel wins Young Scientist Award by IUPAP: The International Union of Pure and Applied Physics honoured Simone for her ``outstanding results in analysis of problems motivated by condensed matter physics, in particular, spectral and dynamical properties of random Schroedinger operators''.
  • Bernd Schmidt wins Richard Von Mises Prize 2009: The Prize is annually awarded by GAMM (Gesellschaft für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik) for excellent scientific achievements in the area of applied mathematics and mechanics. Bernd's award is ``in appreciation of his research on ... plates and multilayer structures by combining methods of weak convergence and relaxation with ... atomistic approaches''. The actual handover of the prize (and money!) is captured here.
  • New Junior Professor: Bernd Schmidt, formerly postdoc in our group, has been appointed to a Junior Professorship in Applied Mathematics.
  • IMA Annual Program 2008/09 MATHEMATICS AND CHEMISTRY: Gero Friesecke is co-organizing a workshop on Development and analysis of multiscale methods (IMA, Minneapolis, USA, November 3-7, 2008). For further information and how to apply for participation see here Pfeil.
  • New W2 professor: Simone Warzel (formerly Princeton, USA) joined us on September 1, 2008.
  • John Ball's 60th birthday conference: Fotos and talks from this memorable event in June honouring Sir John M. Ball FRS on the occasion of his 60th birthday can be found here Pfeil.