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John-von-Neumann lecture - Sommersemester 2017

An introduction to Functions of Bounded Variations and Sets of Finite Perimeter

Prof. Nicola Fusco

Prof. Nicola Fusco

Tentative program

The course will provide a comprehensive introduction to the modern theory of functions of bounded variations (BV functions) and of sets of finite perimeter.

Time and Location

Evaluation of the students

During the course exercises will be given to the students and there will be a final exam consisting of an oral presentation on some selected topics.

Prerequisites: Students should be familiar with the basic concepts of Measure Theory (Borel and Radon measures, Lebesgue integral, derivatives of measures, Lebesgue points) and with the basic concepts of Functional Analysis. A previous knowledge of Haudorff measures and Sobolev spaces is not mandatory, but can be helpful.