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Prof. Dr. Domenico P.L. Castrigiano

Technische Universität München
Zentrum Mathematik - M7
Boltzmannstraße 3
85747 Garching

Room: 03.08.058
Tel.: +49-89-289-17900
eMail: castrigma.tum.de

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Castrigiano, D.P.L., Hayes, S. A.: Catastrophe Theory. - 2nd Ed. Westview Press (Perseus Books Group) Advanced Book Program, Boulder 2004 264 pp. including 40 computer-generated graphics by Frank Hofmaier, 93 solved exercises, foreword by Rene Thom. buch.jpg
Castrigiano, D.P.L., Roelcke, W.: Topological Measures and Weighted Radon Measures,
Alpha Science International Ltd., Oxford 2008

Due to the close interplay of measure and topology, topological measure theory is a particularly intriguing part of general measure theory. Appropriately this text starts with an introductory chapter on abstract measure theory. It presupposes some familiarity with elementary measure and integration theory and furnishes the prerequisites for the subsequent detailed exposition of the theory. The results mainly concern regularity properties of topological measures. The notions of mc measures and Lc spaces turn out to be particularly useful for the study of regularity properties of weighted Radon measures, a topic that was not treated previously in the literature. Because of the specific importance a whole chapter of purely topological content is devoted to Lc spaces.

Throughout the textbook, the results are accompanied and consistently discussed by examples, ranging from routine to rather involved.


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